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RL Synthetics is a T-1 Certified Independent AMSOIL Dealership based in Ottawa Ontario.  We work with Auto/HD Service Centres, Commercial/Industrial, Retail and Small and Large Fleets throughout Canada to supply AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants and Filtration products at wholesale prices.

Auto Service Centres have seen a steady increase demand for synthetic oils.  Our Accounts tell us they prefer AMSOIL over other brands because of its proven reputation and added value it brings to theirs customers.

As an AMSOIL Dealer we have worked with Commercial/Industrial fleet to help them reduce the cost of supplies for regular oil service and maintenance by as much as 35%.  When lubricants are valued based on (service life), per unit measure, AMSOIL is actually less expensive than other lower price units. AMSOIL offers a complete product line of drive-train fluids, fuel additives, high efficiency oil filters and by-pass oil filter systems and more.

RL Synthetics can provide retail display units and other POS items to promote the AMSOIL brand name for Parts Stores, Retail Locations and Auto/HD Service Centres.  RL Synthetics also delivers products to our Accounts in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

Commercial Fleet Managers, Managers and Operators who are reluctant to practice extended drain intervals can take advantage of our "PILOT PROGRAM".  This program demonstrates AMSOIL's extended drain intervals proven by periodic OIL ANALYSIS testing. Fleet Managers, Managers, Operators and Technicians see firsthand the effects of AMSOIL's higher quality lubricants and absolute efficiency oil filters and by-pass filters in their vehicles and equipment and how these products deliver a fully warranted drain intervals.

Experience the benefits of AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants and Filtration.